DiRT Rally

Release date: 07.12.2015
Developer: Codemasters
Publisher: Codemasters

It seems that Codemasters wanted to get back to the roots of Colin McRae Rally. So they did with this game. But they stepped one step further. The last DiRT games where more like a Gymkhana simulation and not a rally game. This tome Codemasters wanted to make it as real as it is possible. Did they do that?

That is a very surprising change. Following the previous releases ending with Showdown, the DiRT series finally went full-arcade mode. DiRT Rally did not follow those steps. The menus are a bit unusual and some might call them easy and shallow. But that kinda falls into place with the whole game. No more fireworks at the finish line, no more wild sliding through corners, no more breaking of set targets. This time the main thing is the classic fight against the clock when the drivers drive at full speed through nature performing handbrake turns on hairpins.

Other developers have tried to achieve the same thing and bring the most realistic rally game. But everyone who starts his first race in this game will notice, that DiRT Rally sees those other games in it’s rear-view mirror as a dot on the horizon as it runs towards reality. Even with all the driving aids such as ABS and Traction Control turned on, the learning curve is like the cliffs of Galipolly. The driving physics here are insanely real. Finally a game where the car setup really changes the feel of the car and it must have a millimeter precise tune to get you to the finish first.

Even with the beginning cars of 1960ties (Mini Cooper S and Lancia Fulvia HF) you will start to sweat and curse around the fifth or sixth corner. Changing the cars class to a more modern car resets the learning curve back to zero. Here you really feel that the modern cars are real monsters and not just domestic cat thinking that he’s a tiger.

There is no difficulty setting for the carrier mode. You just progress upwards in the classes from Open to Elite. Each new class brings harder opponents which will always be a challenge. If your skills aren’t good enough you will drop a class back and drive against easier opponents, just to get back to the hard ones a few races later. The only tutorials the game has are some videos which explain the theory behind driving, but if you want to practice – go and take part in a championship.

The graphics are an eyegasm. You really feel the speed of the car, not like in other games you don’t see any change between when you go with 10km/h or 110km/h. The interior of the cars is just a photo of the real thing. Even the notes in the co-drivers notebook look amazing. When you do have an accident the damage is amazingly detailed and of course even the smallest dent may have an impact on your result. The track surroundings are also very detailed. The spectators aren’t just painted on, but they actually react to your car.

SCORE: 8/10

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