Doom 2016

Release date: 13.05.2016
Developer: id Software
Publisher: Bethesda Softworks

We have seen several attempts to bring the original 1993 Doom into a more modern gameplay. And all of them kinda sucked. Did Id manage to make a new age Doom good or does it also suck?

Id previously tried in 2004 with Doom 3 to reanimate the Doom franchise. That was what the developers thought was the Doom and remade it. New tech was made just to hide those old pixels from ten years before. This time it's different. Yes, it's still just a translation of the original Doom, but with a different perspective. This time it's very fast, very loud, very violent and very graphic. There are graphic stuff you do not want to see and then there is the graphic stuff that is so violent, that you just can't stop watching. Doom is almost like a definition of that.

Right from the beginning Doom is violent. There is no slow pacing into it. Even the opening scene has the core element of this Doom release - glory kills. Usually for FPS we are used to shoot at enemies at a range so that they do not come up and do some damage up close. But here we are encouraged to do that. Even if you have a shotgun at hand you will still like a up close action just to see that you punch someones head right of.

When I said it's graphic I meant that. Usually when an enemy is killed by a shot it only has some blood over it and that's basically it. Here the injuries are super real. For example, shotgun shut at an enemy. It teared half of the torso away leaving the gravity to deal with the rest (yes, the enemy was split in half while it was standing, since the upper body just fell of the legs).

All the time you are reminded of demonic presence by sounds that make a horror movie look like My Little Pony episodes. I truly encourage to play this game with a headset to really enjoy the atmosphere of the game.

And let's not forget the multiplayer with a level cap of 550. It's divided into 10 echelons each having 50 levels in it. A lot of awards (e.g. most damage, most jumps, longest distance traveled, etc). The customization of the character and weapons are mind blowing.


SCORE: 10/10


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